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Someone Else’s Bookshelf is a weekly activity where I will have one guest every Tuesday to share their favourite books from their shelves, what they are reading and what’s next on their list.

Today, I am glad to have the gorgeous Lisa Dickenson, author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas and You Had Me at Merlot to share her story.

Hi, Lisa! Welcome to Eve's Chick Lit Reviews!

Thanks for having me over!

1. What genre do you read most?

I really like mixing up genres, so if I’ve just read a chick lit novel I might switch to a thriller, followed by historical fiction, followed by a non-fiction humour book.  But my favourite type of book is anything with action, mystery and tension, whether it’s a crime novel or a good ol’ Jackie Collins.

2. Tell us about your favourite books?

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

This is my ultimate curl-up on the sofa in the winter book, that I read over and over again as it gets closer to Christmas, slurping on Baileys and stuffing my face with chocolate oranges.  Of course I picture all the characters as the Muppets.  It’s so atmospherically written, and to me Christmas isn’t Christmas without this story.

How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran

Perfectly unapologetic, funny and frank, this is the book that gets passed around the most between my friends, colleagues, anyone who’ll listen (but not my mum, she might not like the language).  It’s a very refreshing autobiography that I firmly believe every woman, and man, should read.

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

I love a book with twists; twists are the best!  And all the way through Gone Girl you find yourself completely on one person’s side, then there’s a twist that flips it, then another twist flips it again – it’s brilliantly written.  I wish I bloody wrote it.

3. What are you reading now?

I haven’t had a good blob of reading time for ages as I’ve been so busy with work and writing, and also the book I’m reading is so good I’m savouring it – I’m in no rush for it to finish!  It’s the Ivy Lane installments by Cathy Bramley; they’re so cosy and heart-warming, they’re like squashy slices of comfort food to break up the business of life.

4. Lastly, what book do you plan on reading next?

I have myself a bit of a Holly Martin library going on, and I’m excited to finally get into her summer smash, One Hundred Proposals (One Hundred Christmas Proposals is out soon, so I want to read them close together), and The Prophecies, the sequel to her YA novel The Sentinel.

Thanks for joining us today, Lisa and have a nice day!

Lisa Dickenson was born in the wrong body. She was definitely meant to be Beyoncé. Despite this hardship, she grew up in Devon attempting to write her own, completely copyright-infringing versions of Sweet Valley High, before giving Wales a go for university, and then London a go for the celeb-spotting potential. She's now back in Devon, living beside the seaside with her husband and forcing cream teas down the mouths of anyone who'll visit. She is sadly still not Beyoncé.

Lisa's first novel, The Twelve Dates of Christmas, won the Novelicious Debut of the Year award, her second novel, You Had Me at Merlot was released this summer and Book 3 is being frantically written as we speak.

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