Q&A : Swati Sharma

Today on Eve’s Chick Lit Reviews, I am glad to be interviewing the very lovely Swati about her debut novel, Fashionably Yours! Thank you for answering my questions and have a great day, Swati!

“Maya Kapoor swaps the snowy mountains for the glittering ocean.” 

Maya Kapoor arrived in Mumbai with a glamorous dream, quite literally. Maya wants to be a serious fashion writer for the high-end fashion magazine, Glamorous but luck is not in her favor. Instead, she lands a job with a local fashion magazine, Style. Maya hates everything about it but for now this is all she has. Despite all the odds, Maya is excited about living an independent, fashionable life in the city of dreams.

At twenty-five, love has eluded Maya. But when she bumps into the dashing photographer, Aryan Malik, she falls head over heels for his gorgeous smile and charming manner.

But Maya seems to be stuck in a rut - her credit card bills are sky-high, her melodramatic mother can't stop ranting, the boss is unbearably cruel, her younger sister has decided to tie the knot, and she's not sure if Aryan could love a simple, confused girl like her.

Will Maya get the fairytale life she dreamed about or will she let everything slip through her fingers? Read her diary and find out.

1. Why did you pick ‘Fashionably Yours’ as the title of your new book and what was the inspiration behind it?

Initially, I named the book “Diary Of A Bombay Girl” but somewhere this title was not going well with the story. Since the book is a romantic-comedy with the dust of glamour, fashion and little bit of sparkle, we needed a title which is witty and romantic at the same time. Hence, Fashionably Yours.

I have always been fascinated with fashion and I always wondered what it would be like to work in it. So I started weaving this story about a girl which is from a small town and she dares to dream to work in a fashion magazine but as we all know, life is not easier.

2. What is the best thing and worst part about being an author?

HA! It’s so easy to answer.

Best : You get to work in your Pjs and you don’t have to care about how dirty your hair looks or how chipped your nails are.

Worst : Everyone assumes that you just sit at your home and chill out. It’s NOT so true!

3. If you were to choose a memorable line from Fashionably Yours, which line would it be?

To be honest, there are very few lines I remember from the book but one is my all time favorite and that is “I had decided to wait for that someone instead of taking whatever whoring opportunity came my way”.

4. Here is a random question for you : The girl on the cover is carrying a bag that resembles Hermes Birkin, are you a fan of Hermes bags?

Errr……Ummmm…Yes!! …Errrr…..

5. Lastly, what are you working on now? Tell us more about it?

Well my second book is in its infancy stage and I honestly don’t think that it would be wise to talk about it in details but I can tell you that it’s about a girl who gets jilted a night before her wedding.

To know more about Swati, like her page on Facebook or drop her a tweet on Twitter (@Author_Swati).

Fashionably Yours is available for pre-order now! Get yours :


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