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Hi! Thanks for visiting Eve's Chick Lit Reviews! I am Evelyn and you can address me as Eve if you like and I live in sunshiny land, Malaysia. I turn twenty-one next year, excited about that though! My love for books started since an early age and my very first, also my favourite book was a fiction about a spider. Not many could recall their first book as a child but I could and I still have it, somewhere in my house. It wasn't a thick book but really captivated me back then. I was a kid, still silly and I really enjoyed listening to my mom as she read it to me. That story of a spider really caught my imagination and books have taken over my heart since then. However, the love for chick lit only started back in 2010 and my first ever chick lit book was I Heart Paris. Before I came across that book, I was a massive fan of The Twilight Saga. Edward Cullen, OMG.

The cover of I Heart Paris really struck me and I told my mom I must get it. And after reading it, I was in love with the plot and there, chick lit and I became best friends. Inseparable. All my books are kept in perfect condition and I take care of them like they are my babies. No cracked spines, dog-eared pages and some are wrapped with cling film. May sound crazy to you, but I am a perfectionist. Even crazier, I have bottles of glue and clear nail polish to keep the edges of the book cover sharp. Do not tell my parents, thank you. When I need to go outdoors, I carry my book in a clear box file, size of a paperback. Many friends do not understand me or my love for books. I don't need others to understand my love for chick lit for that won't make me happy. I am a happy girl when I am surrounded with my paperbacks. When I am not busy being a bookworm, I would be playing an instrument with six strings. Other than that, you would probably see me in malls or hiding in a bookstore seeking for new colour pens, watching movies or maybe, drinking strong coffee or tea with family and close friends.

I decided to start this lovely blog after making friends with Kevin (I Heart.. Chick Lit) and he encouraged me to start up a blog and I thought 'Why not?'. My journey through chick lit is like an unfinished tale that does not need an ending because at every point there will be new books and authors to be discovered. Like an adventurer, a book reviewer finds them and helps to spread the word. No matter how good or bad the books are, we put our experiences and opinions in words, appreciating all the hard work of authors out there.  Letting their creativity flow and putting experiences into a perfect story, never an easy task. I have been reviewing for almost three years now and I am loving it. A big thank you to my best friend, Kev and I wish you every success with I Heart.. Chick Lit. Fabulous blog!

Before I end this post, I hope you have a great day and do not hesitate to comment. I enjoy getting feedbacks and receiving comments from blog readers. Feel free to share your thoughts. Looking forward to hear from you! That is all from me, thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!

Till then! xx


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