Someone Else's Bookshelf

Someone Else’s Bookshelf is a weekly activity where I will have one guest every Tuesday to share their favourite books from their shelves, what they are reading and what’s next on their list.

Looking at someone else’s bookshelves is just fascinating, not in a creepy way of course. I find that a bookshelf crammed with books gives me a lot of information about its owner. Well, don’t want to seem like a stalker. Now everything is easy with Goodreads. Just with a click, you will be able to look at what others want to read, are reading or have read. The warm feeling that envelopes your heart is priceless when you realize the book you loved or enjoyed is in someone else’s shelf. It’s like you have shared a part of you with someone else. Well, the content and title or even cover might be the same but the feeling towards the book is different from one to another. A person’s choice of perfume or handwriting might say a lot but to me, books give away more.

We feel much more connected with people with similar taste in books. I bonded with strangers over books and now, we are friends. Gaps with old friends could be closed and cemented with a great sense of literary and likewise, new bridges could be built with strangers.

Hence, I came up with the idea of Someone Else’s Bookshelf. I was listening to Standing in the Dark by my fave band, Lawson and it’s during the ‘Someone else’s angel’ part, this idea struck me. I knew I had to do this. I started drafting emails and writing a page. The purpose of Someone Else’s Bookshelf is to encourage reading in the society, to provide a column to share reading experiences with the world as well as to help others in choosing their next read.

One post in this section will be up every Tuesday and I cannot wait for you guys to see them! Till then! xx


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