Book News : Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond

With her Cornish Beach Café closed for the winter, Evie Flynn should be looking forward to lazy days and a happy Christmas, with nothing more pressing to think about than when to have her next mince pie.

But her sister Ruth is coming to stay, in a cloud of heartbreak and bitterness following her marriage breakdown, along with her three unhappy children, and Evie knows she'll have her work cut out, trying to spread some festive cheer. Then her boyfriend Ed breaks the news that he's going to spend Christmas in London, for family reasons, and her heart sinks even further.

Add in to the mix a lost dog plus the hotly contested village Christmas bake-off and before long, Evie is feeling the strain. But there are still a few surprises in store for her, that look set to make this Beach Café Christmas the most memorable one yet...

I love Christmas, fave time of the year! For you guys with Kindles, get your copy of Lucy D's gorgeous christmas novella! I love the blurb and cover! Title in the middle of a Christmas tree, how genius is that? Perfection. I secretly wish that I get to use the Kindle app but brr, just not yet. Out this November. Get yours here!


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