Book Review : The Proposal by Tasmina Perry

Title : The Proposal

Author : Tasmina Perry

Publication Date : 7 November 2013

Publisher : Headline

Source : Sent by the publisher for an honest review (Thank you!)

Overall : 5/5

Just say yes to this unforgettable read and take a spellbinding, romantic journey from the dazzling days of the debutantes in 1950s London to glamorous modern Manhattan. 

When Amy Carrell's wealthy boyfriend ends their relationship just before Christmas, she's left to nurse her broken heart alone. With nothing to lose, she replies to an advertisement requesting a companion for a mysterious 'Manhattan adventure'.

Whisked off New York with eccentric British aristocrat Georgia Hamilton, Amy experiences a glamorous side of the city that she's never seen before. Along the way, Georgia initiates her protegee in the arts of the old-school elegance.

But as Georgia shares her life lessons, Amy discovers a painful secret in her mentor's past. A secret that shattered her future. A story of love and betrayal that only Amy has the power to put right.

I have been looking forward to this book since I first heard about it. The title itself captured my attention. I was really glad the publicist at Headline sent me a copy, thank you very much. I finished the book only last night and it was worth staying up late to read it. I truly loved The Proposal. I have never read any of Tasmina’s books and The Proposal was so fab that I was not disappointed at all. I was enveloped with disappointment only when it ended. I enjoyed every page of it and I would highly recommend this to all! From the very first page, I knew that I would love it. This book was set in London and New York, both my favourite places.

This story follows the story of two ladies, Amy Carrell and Georgia Hamilton. I adored the two of them, great, strong characters. Amy, an American living in London. She is a dancer, struggling to make it big. Expecting a proposal from her successful boyfriend, Daniel that never came, she decides to accompany an old lady to New York. How bad could that be, right? Georgia, an old woman that was a big name in the publishing industry and a debutante in the 1950s. An advertisement in a magazine has brought these two characters together to The City That Never Sleeps, New York. What is a better place to be in than New York on Christmas? Perfection. I don’t think I would ever get bored of reading about NY in books. I really wish to visit New York one day and experience the magic of the city.

This lovely story that moves between past and present was really special to me. I have not read anything like such but even if I did, I would not like it as much. Georgia’s life as a debutante was so vividly described that I felt as though I travelled with her. Elegant dresses, grand parties and handsome men. Swoon. To be honest, I never liked stories that travel between past and present but The Proposal changed that. Tasmina Perry did an excellent job! As the two get along, Amy knows more about Georgia and slowly she discovers why Georgia is alone on Christmas. I loved Georgia and enjoyed reading about her life as a debutante in the 1950s. Reading about the days when Georgia’s young was really fantastic. I got an insight of the 1950s and it’s enlightening. Georgia’s love life back then was pretty great too. I totally felt the love between Edward and Georgia through Tasmina’s words. Well, Edward. The name alone is enough to stop me. Seriously, I could write a book on how much I heart him. So, that is all I am going to say about him. Tasmina has written a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. The chemistry between Edward and Georgia was totally intense and there are some romantic bits between them and I really wanted to sob. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

All I can say is, The Proposal is a book you don’t want to miss. Sparkly and fabulous, a book that would sit beautifully in your bookshelf. A story that would definitely warm your heart and appreciate your partner. Love, friendship and importance of family all tied up in a book.

Before I sign off, can I have  a mini version of The Proposal to hang on my Christmas tree? Though it’s one month away from Christmas, Merry Christmas! Keep warm! xx


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