X : Yes

15 April 2015 11:59 p.m.

I furiously wipe away the tears that are making their way down my face, as the credits roll. I’m at the cinema on Regent Street and the latest Nicholas Spartks film just ended. Out of a sudden, everyone whips out their phones and there’s an excited murmur among the cinema goers. Two rows over and three seats back, a guy is proposing to his girlfriend.

“This is my second proposal, Amy. I just hope that you would say “Yes” because it hurts my knee. We have been through a lot and we both know that the path of true love never runs smooth. I see you in my future and without you in it, there won’t be a future.” he announces passionately, for everyone to witness his love for his other half and laughs. He is proffers what looks like a pink, heart-shaped Scotch tape dispenser with a ring in it and the waterworks begin again.


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