VIII : Falling

28 July 2010, 7.45 p.m.

The bar was packed and there was a certain air of anticipation and excitement cackling in the air when we arrived. Andy and his friends, James and Ryan, greeted us upon our arrival and we exchanged kisses and hugs.

Andy then pulled me aside and asked if I’d go for a walk with him. Sensing his nervousness, I followed him out of the bar and we made our way to a quiet park overlooking the Seine, with silence stretched between us. I wonder what’s wrong, surely it’s not pre-show nerves? He was holding his guitar with his left hand and the other was wrapped around mine.

Once we’re seated at one of the benches, he started strumming the chords of one of the songs I heard at his gig, I closed my eyes and listened intently to the gentle strumming. After he finished playing, he asked me if I would like to try. He gently taught me a few chords and gently guided me with his arms around me. I blushed and tried to focus on strumming. I liked the feeling of being nestled by his strong arms. After the brief time spent at the park, I could no longer deny my feelings for him no matter how hard I tried to.

With the bright lights of the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the background and the warm, soft breeze, it was perfection. When I looked up from the guitar, I realised that he had been staring at me, his eyes dark and smouldering, softening at the edges. He smiled sheepishly at me as if I’ve caught him doing something he shouldn’t, and took the guitar from me. He proffered his hand to help me up and we made our way back to the bar, our hands entwined with one another’s.


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