V : Love Songs

26 July 2010, 7.05 p.m.

I put on my favourite Chanel black dress and teamed it with a pair of gold flats – for my own safety since I’d probably be drunk – and applied a some make up. I somehow managed to drag Sarah and Karol along for the show and the crowd was huge. I glanced around, and I spotted him amid the sea of unfamiliar faces. I found him up on stage, sound checking his guitar. And he caught me staring at him. Oh crap. I looked away quickly and felt a sudden heat creep up on my cheeks. Moments before his show began, he came over and greeted me with a hug, which garnered sly smiles from my friends.
“Thanks for coming, El! You look stunning!” The same can be said to him, if more so. The show started off with a fast track, then a few love songs that could make every female in the room swoon. They were amazing and by the end of the show, I could proudly say that I’m a fan. Even Sarah and Karol seemed won over.

He made his way over with his bandmates and introduced us. Surreptitiously, he pulled me aside and asked me nervously if I could make it for coffee tomorrow morning and before I could answer, Karol jumped in, nodding ‘yes’ to that arrangement. So much for being my best friend. We hugged goodbye and I looked over at Karol, our smiles mirroring each other’s.


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