Blog Tour : I'll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson - Review

I am so thrilled and excited and VERY PROUD to be a part of the blog tour for Miranda Dickinson's new book, I'll Take New York. Here's my review!

Title : I'll Take New York

Author : Miranda Dickinson

Publication Date : 4 December 2014

Publisher : Avon

Source : Sent by publisher (Thanks a mil!)

Overall : 5/5 (GEM!)

When Brooklyn bookstore owner Bea James is let down once too often by unreliable boyfriend Otis, she swears off relationships for good, determined instead to focus on her successful business and otherwise happy life in New York.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Manhattan, Jake Steinmann is nursing a broken heart after his beautiful wife Jessica files for divorce. Relocating his life back to New York from San Francisco, he throws himself into setting up his psychiatry practice and supporting older brother Ed who is preparing to wed love of his life, Rosie.

Unexpectedly thrown together at Rosie and Ed’s engagement party where they are the only two singles, Bea and Jake bond over their dislike of relationships – a conversation that ends with a pact to never get involved with anyone ever again.

But as their friendship grows both Bea and Jake begin to wish they’d never made their pact. Can they find a way to follow their hearts before it’s too late?

I became a fan of Miranda Dickinson after reading Welcome to My World and it was so brilliant that it made me want to read all her books! I kicked myself for not reading her books before that. I immediately jumped at the chance when I was given the chance to review I’ll Take New York. I am such a sucker for anything that has  NYC. I love the city and the cover, even more! So glad and honoured to be in the blog tour! Whee.

I’ll Take New York follows the story of two characters, Bea and Jake. Bea owns a bookshop in Brooklyn and she has been stood up by her boyfriend for a couple of times. Bea assumes he will propose and she is excited about it. When he stood her up, Bea is filled with sadness and anger. She is tired of the relationship and decides to break up with him. She meets Jake at his brother’s engagement party and he has  been through a horrible relationship that wrecked his heart. After a few glasses of wine, they made a pact to enjoy single life. Two broken hearts, finding their way back to happiness.

I would really love to thank the amazing people at Avon for sending me a copy of this lovely NYC fairytale. Despite the fact that my finals is getting closer (even closer now!), I told myself I must finish this book in time for the review and I made it! Yayzers! I would like to praise Miranda for the fabulously plotted novel and this book certainly made me feel like I was a part of it. Bea would certainly be my best friend since she runs a bookstore and loves the smell of books. The setting couldn’t be more perfect! NEW YORK is everything.

Bea James is such a great character. I love books and I could put myself in her shoes. She made me want to be her. I have never wanted to be another person so badly before and now I kinda do. I love books and New York. It’s like in the movies. How could one not like fictions when books are the only places where your dreams could be real. I know well that they are all fictional characters but sometimes I would rather live in books. Comforting and isn’t as complicated as reality.

I have been marking pages from the beginning as I found some lines very relatable and made tears flow.  I like how Miranda included fam and friends in this lovely book and made everything so lively. New York is always a great setting for a love story and it never failed to impress me, even through words. I couldn’t state my wish to visit that city never sleeps enough. NY is so vividly described in ITNY and I felt like I have stepped a foot in the city, left my mark and visited all the lovely places. Miranda's writing is fabulous as usual and this story is without a flaw. I fell in love with her writing more after reading ITNY and I am aiming to buy all her books soon.

A beautiful story set in one of the most magnificent city in the world, what’s not to love? My fave book of December by far. Such a beautiful lovely tale to wrap up the year.

That's all from me! Thanks for reading my review and do check out the participating blogs! xx


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