Book Review : It Happened in Paris by Molly Hopkins

Title : It Happened in Paris

Author : Molly Hopkins

Publication Date : May 2011

Publisher : Sphere

Source : Purchased

Overall : 5/5

Evie Dexter is in pursuit of a career as a European tour guide. Heart set on success and buoyed on by booze, she begins 'enhancing' her CV and soon lands a job with Insignia Tours, guiding their Paris breaks.

Bursting with professionalism, Evie quickly checks her copy of Vogue Paris to remind herself where France actually is. Task accomplished, she's determined to become a cultured and respected chaperone. And she would be, if only French wine wasn't so delicious and Rob, her sexy coach driver, so deliciously distracting...

It is always amazing to read Chick Lit books especially when authors write their books from the character's point of view. I wanted this book since last year but local bookstores disappointed me. They do not have stock for this book! Another problem came by when they have stock; the condition of the books were not perfect. I know nothing is perfect but I don't know why, it is just important for me to get a PERFECT copy. It is like an encouragement. Silly me.

The main character's name, Evie is quite similar to mine; Evelyn. When I found out about that, I was happy and grinned like a Cheshire cat! Her sexy coach driver or I should say, sexy fiancé is ROB! I am a huge fan of Twilight Saga and Robert Pattinson, so, I imagined Robert as Rob. Not forgetting to mention this, I love Paris and it is on my To-Visit list before I die! I love the city, especially the Eiffel Tower. I have always imagined myself with my loved ones there, having tea, enjoying a beautiful evening.

When I saw a perfect copy of It Happened in Paris in Aeon's Popular somewhere April this year, my heart screamed with joy! I told myself I'd empty my purse for it! My mum called me to check out on me and I screamed over the phone, "I. FOUND. THE. BOOK!", almost enunciating every word and ended the call. I dashed to the cashier and requested them to wrap it for me. They looked at me with an 'aren't-you-reading-it' expression. I didn't give a shit and paid for it, claiming it mine!

As soon as I got home, I started on it! It was interesting and I loved it immediately. I absolutely love Evie and since I was unemployed at that time, I learnt from Evie and 'enhanced' my CV for a job I interviewed for. I loved the plot, the characters and it was hard to put it down because it's really mind-blowing.

A few days after hunting for job, Evie was invited to for an interview from Insignia Tours, which is a company that arranges tours around Europe. That's where she exaggerated about herself and her experiences. With her 'attractive' CV and a hungover interviewer, Evie eventually got the job! Then, Evie started to plan for her new job and went through a few stressful days. She started her job after meeting her lovely, lovely travellers and the very, very sexy coach driver, Rob. After meeting for about only 9 hours, Evie and Rob ended up in bed. I was shocked! I have not read something interesting like such. With limited knowledge of the city, Evie became a fantastic tour guide, another thing that surprised me. I was thinking 'Can that be true?'. Who cares if it's going to be true, the story was interesting and I was dying to find out more. Molly described Paris beautifully and I found myself wanting to go to Paris to see everything it has to offer!

I  really loved Evie! I loved her more than her sexy coach driver. She's fun and I loved reading about how she tried to be an experienced tour guide. She's so hilarious and I would love someone like her as my tour guide! As a tour guide, who would gossip about the city s/he is in? Evie would! She's daring and fun! She gossiped about the Empress of the French, Josephine Bonaparte was a shopaholic, spending her money on clothes and jewellery. I wish to be like her, spending money on anything I want. Besides, the sexy coach, Rob's a wonderful boyfriend! I really liked him! Tell me, who would pay for their girlfriend's overdraft? Rob! He even confiscated Evie's credit cards and paid for her overdraft!
I don't think I"d want a 'magic card' but I think it's lovely for Rob to do something like such! I nearly forgot to mention about Lulu, Evie's bestie. I personally would want a best friend like her! She's very amusing and I really liked her. She tends to rant about men in her life. She's a great and supportive friend, when she's not drunk.

To all Chick Lit lovers, DO BUY THIS BOOK! It's brilliant and fantastic! You would never be bored of it and read it again and again. As for me, I'm looking forward to joining Evie in her adventures! Not forgetting this, I've missed Rob, Lulu and the rest!
The sequel, It Happened in Venice will be out this July! I can't wait for more surprises! Remember, the adventure continues JULY 2012, this time, VENICE!

If you wish to talk to this lovely author on Twitter, follow her (@Molly_Hopkins)!


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