Blog Tour : Catch Me if You Cannes (Part 3) by Lisa Dickenson - Review

I am backkkkkkkkk! Excited to review Part 3 of Lisa Dickenson's new book, Catch Me if You Cannes and I LOVED IT!

Title : Catch Me if You Cannes - Part 3

Author : Lisa Dickenson

Publication Date : 18 May 2015

Publisher : Sphere

Source : Sent by publisher (Merci!)

Overall : 5/5

Things could not be going better between Jess and Leo. Every moment they spend together is lovely and sunkissed and full of anticipation. Jess hasn't felt like this in a very long time and she doesn't want it to end. Sure, Leo is a bit vague about certain areas of his life but that doesn't mean anything...

Suddenly Jess's perfect holiday romance isn't looking so great and she has a choice to make - should she ignore what Bryony is telling her and keep living the dream, or should she run the risk of losing Leo in order to prove her friend wrong?

Part three (whyyyy does it end so fastttt?)! I love Lisa Dickenson and I cannot lie. She has an awesomely wonderful writing style that I wish I can call her up and beg for another new book. I really don't mind reading her shopping list, honestly. Okay, le book! Jess and Leo are getting cuter, I was there hoping there would have a smooth, long-lasting relationship but sigh, true love never runs smooth. Love aside, Jess and Bry are still having their fun at Cannes and keeping up with their glam lives gets harder and trickier. Unexpected guests and securing a posh hotel room for an interview, how many more *white* lies do they have to tell? This part is so action-packed that it really, truly took away my worries for a moment.

Massive hugs to le great Lisa for this wonderfully cute, fluffy book. Am so proud of her and to be her friend (we should really meet up one day). Stay tuned for the last review! Do visit the other blogs for more fun-tastic reviews!

Thank you for readinggggg! xo


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