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Someone Else’s Bookshelf is a weekly activity where I will have one guest every Tuesday to share their favourite books from their shelves, what they are reading and what’s next on their list.

Today, I am glad to have the lovely Ana, blogger at This Chick Reads to share her story!

Hi, Ana! Welcome to Eve's Chick Lit Reviews!

Thanks for having me over!

1. What genre do you read most?

In the past, I would read just about anything I could get my hands on, from paranormal to romance, to historical fiction. Then couple of years ago I realized I prefer funny chick lits or emotional women’s fiction more than other genres, so I’ve decided to devote my time to those books. Of course, sometimes I love to check out thrillers/mystery and bit of historical romance/mystery, but it’s mostly chick lit/women’s fiction these days for me. And I’m very pleased with my choice.

2. Tell us about your favourite books?

I’ve read a lot of books, many of them have been fantastic books, however there aren’t that many I’d call my all time faves. So picking my favorite books is not that hard task. The first one would be ‘Jemima J’ by Jane Green which was the book that got me hooked on chick lit as a genre. In a way, I owe a LOT to Jane and that book, for making me realize not only that chick lit is a genre I should learn more about, but also for showing me beauty comes in all forms and sizes.

Next on my all time faves is ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ by Sophie Kinsella. Boy, I laughed and laughed while reading that book, and though I hardly have time to re-read books (due to my ever growing TBR pile), I re-read that one and remember loving it exactly the same as the first time. Brilliant humor, Sophie can make me smile even at the hardest times.

On the list of faves is also Sarah Morgan’s brilliant festive read ‘Sleigh Bells In The Snow’. It’s been a year since I’ve read but I still have it fresh in my mind. I also try to make as many people read it because it’s fan-bloody-tastic. Scorching hot guys, strong chemistry that will make you go oohhhh & ahhhhh, that’s all Sarah’s expertise. And let me tell you, she will make you fall head over heels for her heroes. She’s definitely one of the biggest names and most brilliant authors in contemporary romance. If there was a subject on hotties, believe me, she’d teach it!

As you see, my faves are rom-coms, books that will make me LOL and make my face hurt from laughing. So, when it comes to laughing, but you know that really really hysterical laugh, Joanna Bolouri is THE AUTHOR to make you do just that. Her book ‘The List’ earned her place on my list, by making me spend the most enjoyable hours of my life reading it. Her humor is contagious, spreading like some sort of virus, ‘attacking’ your whole system till you literally collapse, leaving you out of breath! Those that have read “The List’ will know what I’m saying, and to those who still haven’t read it – ‘Yo, what the hell are you waiting for? Grab a copy NOW!’

However, there’s one book, a rather serious and emotional one on my list of all time faves. It’s ‘Ghostwritten’ by Isabel Wolff and it’s a book that made me cry buckets! Even the thought of it gives me the goose bumps, it was that emotional.

It’s fantastically written and well researched, it’s truly a masterpiece and I strongly recommend it to everyone who loves beautiful, mesmerizing and complex stories.

3. What are you reading now?

I usually have more books on the go. I know, this might not sound like a good idea but being a reviewer means we need to keep up with all the fantastic titles that are being released daily. Publishers are not making things easier for us (but we love them for this) and there are some days when 5 or more chick lit titles are being released and I have the need to start reading them all! However, I do take notes so I won’t mix up characters or plots. So, ok, one of the books I’m currently reading is ‘Hello From The Gillespies’ by Monica Mc Inerney and though I’m not that far in, I can predict it’s gonna be one hell of a brilliant book. It’s warm, family story and the writing is simply brilliant.

4. Lastly, what book do you plan on reading next?

What will I be reading next? Oh, that’s a tough one. I’m sure I’ll be reading a LOT of Christmas books, I got some pretty fantastic titles I’m so excited to read.

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  1. Fab interview. Will choose one of your recommendations for Sunday challenge.


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