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Someone Else’s Bookshelf is a weekly activity where I will have one guest every Tuesday to share their favourite books from their shelves, what they are reading and what’s next on their list.

Today, I am glad to have Agi, owner of On My Book Shelf to share her story.

Hi, Agi! Welcome to Eve's Chick Lit Reviews!

Hi Eve, and many thanks for letting me be a part of your brilliant feature. One of the best, I must say, I love to read about other people taste in books. And no, I'm not nosy. Not at all.

1. What genre do you read most?

My absolutely favourite genre is chick - lit. As life itself is hard and difficult, I love to dive into the rosy, pinky pages of women's fiction and read how the heroines conquer all the difficulties and find what they're looking for, and sometimes even more. It lets me think that there is hope :)

2. Tell us about your favourite books?

I could talk about my favourite books days and nights. I am really grateful to receive a lot of books for review and blogging allows me to discover new authors, but yes, even when reading so much, I have my favourite books, books that I read more than once or twice, books that I usually know by heart. Those are my favourites :

"Watermelon" by Marian Keyes. It was one of the first books in chick - lit that I've read, and the first by Marian Keyes, and I promptly fell in love both in the book and in the author. all of her books are bittersweet, unbelievably sharp - eyed and with wonderful, dry sense of humour.

"Watermelon" is about Clare, dumped by her husband on the day she's just delivered their little baby to the world. Feels so true, rings all the right bells, is absolutely one of my best reads.

"Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty. Relatively new favourite, published this year, but it kept me awake in the night. I couldn't put this book down. About mobbing at school, domestic violence, false and true friends, this book had it all and even more.

"Bridget Jones". All three parts of Bridget. I know, I know, there are so many opinions about Bridget but I personally love her, period. I grew up with her, she's in so many ways just like we, girls, are: not perfect, not skinny - minnie, with a lot of bad - hair days and boys problems, and she brightened a lot of my days.

"Harry Potter". Yes, again, all of them. No matter what all the sceptics say, those books are one of the greatest in the history, ever. Only the first part I have read 7 (yes, seven :D ) times, as I always read all the books before the new one was being released. I can't wait to introduce Harry to my daughter, although I guess it's going to take some more time...

Lucy Robinson. I know it's not a title, but actually it doesn't matter what Lucy writes, I love to read her. No matter if those are her three brilliant books, her tweets, Facebook or her blog, I'd like to be Lucy Robinson myself. Oh God, to be as brilliantly funny as she is for only one day...!!!

3. What are you reading now?

I always read two books at a time, one paperback and one on kindle, and right now am slowly putting myself in a very festive mood, because both books are very Christmas-sy. The first one is Carole Matthews' "The Christmas Party", and the second is Sue Watson's "Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake" - brilliant title and wonderful, colourful cover.

4. Lastly, what book do you plan on reading next?

The next books I'm planning on reading are Ali McNamara's "From Notting Hill with Four Weddings... Actually" and Amelia Thorne's "Beneath the Moon and the Stars".

Agi is currently living in Germany, born in Poland, teacher, mum to a gorgeous daughter who is currently in her "terrible twos", wife, dogs lover, chocolate lover, always on diet (yes, those last two things don't go together, thank you very much). You can usually find her on Twitter @Agi_mybookshelf (when she’s not reading or writing reviews), or on her blog:


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