Book Review : It Happened in Venice by Molly Hopkins

Title : It Happened in Venice

Author : Molly Hopkins

Publication Date : August 2012

Publisher : Sphere

Source : Sent by the publisher (Thanks!)

Overall : 5/5

He cheated but only once! Evie Dexter has promised to forgive her fiancé Rob - and her efforts to absolve his sins are paying off: in the past ten days she's only called him a two-timing love rat eleven times.

Thank goodness her flourishing career as a tour guide takes her to fashionable Dublin, in-vogue Marrakech and cool Amsterdam. And when Evie's offered a luxury visit to the sensual city of Venice she jumps at the chance. With its delicious wine and sultry Italian men, four days in the city of light and love is just what she needs.

If you're looking for romance, there's only one place to go, in this witty romantic comedy.

It Happened in Paris was one of the best books I have read. Obviously, I hoped the sequel would be like it. So I requested for a review copy and two weeks later, it arrived! I read it and I loved it!

It's as good as the first one and it had me giggling and laughing. This book started off with Evie and Rob on holiday in Barbados. I was no where near page twenty and I was already laughing, I can't help it. Evie's totally the lady to love. I mean, you can't hate her, really. August 2012, she's back with more crazy experiences and this time, in the city of love, Venice! She's utterly hilarious and extremely straightforward. She's not afraid to say what's in her mind and I quite like that. To me, Evie's a very real character. Look around you, I'm sure you will find someone in your life that's just like her! Sometimes, she's so brilliant that I had the urge to pinch her cheeks and give her a big hug!

I really liked Rob in It Happened in Paris but in this one, I start to dislike him. Rob started to control Evie's life. I didn't like that. When Rob and Evie was over, I was actually happy (You must be thinking I'm a heartless bitch!)

Most of the characters of IHIP came back for this one. The best friend slash housemate, Lulu is back! She's really crazy and I absolutely adored her. She's like Jenny Lopez from I Heart series! She's always positive and supportive and I learnt two things from her that I'd definitely try if I'm having a bad day. One, go shopping! Two, drink more! I'd add one more of my own - sleep! Another character I liked had to be John! He appeared with a bigger role in IHIV and it's great to read more about him. I loved his character. He's like a dad to Evie. Always so caring and he's there for her when she's down. He brought Evie to different places. They have got a beautiful friendship. Maria's quite an interesting character. Towards the end I considered that she's crazier than Evie. Can you imagine that?

I had an insight into different cities like Dublin, Marrakech, Amsterdam and definitely VENICE! I've imagined sitting on a gondola and looking at beautiful scenery! It's Venice! How I  wish I could visit Venice! But reading this book was enough for now! It's as though I've travelled to Venice. Great job, Molly!

In short, the plot was a beautifully done and filled with surprises. It's perfect and light. From Paris to Venice, there's nothing dull about it. Such an entertaining read! Please rush to your nearest bookstore and get yourself a copy. If you're lazy, never mind! Get one from Amazon! If you're a fan of Lindsey Kelk, you will love Molly Hopkins. I can't wait for the third book! Let's hope she'll bring us to Greece! Yay! Till then! 


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