Special Post : My 18th Birthday!

Today, day five of being an 18 year old. Finally legal. Being legal means nothing much to me. Clubbing is not my thing. Drinking? Not that interested. All I can feel now is pressure and more responsibility as an adult. Sometimes, I wish I could stop time but too bad, I can't. So, why not live a happy and simple life? Be grateful!

Enough about all that, THANKS FOR ALL THE BITHDAY WISHES! My birthday wasn't grandly celebrated but I felt blessed. It was very simple yet meaningful. A big thank you to my parents for their birthday gift! Love the gift!

Next, Ash and Kevin! I love both of you! Ash, thanks for the long, meaningful birthday wish and the photo on Facebook! I will never forget that day! Installation last year, it's lovely! You made it special. Kevin, I can't thank you enough! Thanks for the lovely birthday wish with a Gossip Girl photo (Serena and Blair in Paris), two tweets and messages on Line! Not forgetting the very advance birthday gift, I Heart Hollywood, I love the message in it (beautifully written). Both of you made me cry a little! I was so touched and I appreciate what you guys have done for me! THANKS!

Then, Shobana, thanks for calling! Such a long call! My bestie since Year 1! Please know that I love you! Amelia, thanks for the text! You called me a clumsy bitch, meow meow! That's my new nick name from you and Kar Yan. And childhood best friend, Kar Yan, thanks for the tweet! (I'm laughing hard)

Not forgetting my always awesome cousin sisters! Mei May sis, thanks for the lovely birthday card! It's very pretty! Love it! Mei Sim sis, thanks for the birthday wish on Facebook! Love you two!

Lovely authors, Rose and Mandy, thanks for the birthday wishes!

And to those that wished me via Facebook and Twitter, A BIG THANK YOU!

Actually, I do not like Sundays as they remind me of school and homeworks! But 22nd July 2012 was a special one that I'd remember and love! Thank you to all that made it so special for me!

The day ended so well! Went out for late night ice kacang with Aunty Anne, tweeted till midnight, and finally reading a good book on a soft pillow in bed (who could resist that?)! The next day? SCHOOL (which means more Maths)!

Before another special birthday post, I'd like to say THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! Thanks for making my 18th birthday an amazing one!

Love you guys! xxx


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