Book Review : I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk

Title : I Heart London

Author : Lindsey Kelk

Publication Date : 7th June 2012

Publisher : HarperCollins

Source : Purchased

Overall : 5/5 (I'd give more than this!)

Home is where the heart is. Right?

Angela Clark has fallen in love with New York - and it's starting to love her back. But when she's summoned home to England, she's at risk of losing her shiny new life to rain, warm beer and bad memories. Talk about stepping back in time.

There's Mark, the ex-boyfriend - who she ran to New York to get away from.

There's Louisa, her best friend, with her terrifying new baby.

And there's her mum, still talking to her as though she's fifteen.

Now there's a wedding in the offing - and everyone remembers how well Angela behaved at the last one...
Can the arrival of boyfriend Alex and the new best friend Jenny save her from a re-run of her old self?

I enjoyed three books of the I Heart series (Paris, Vegas and London). They're amazing! I have every book of the series but I Heart Paris was the first one I read. I got to know that it's the third book of the series, so I was determined to get I Heart New York and I Heart Hollywood. I love all the covers, well, pale blue with a touch of pink for New York, a very gorgeous shade of purple for Hollywood, red, dark blue and of course, white Eiffel Tower for Paris (it's very Paris!), royal purple with glitters for Vegas (bling, bling)! Lindsey said that the cover for London would be the prettiest one! True enough, it's the combination of all the previous covers and it's GORGEOUS!

When I got to know that London will be the last book of the series, I was happy (because the cover is gorgeous) and at the same time sad (I'd have to bid goodbye to the ever lovely Angela). Before the book was published, I googled the image of the cover and I was awed. I downloaded 7 images of it (I don't know why) and uploaded two to my Facebook! Call me crazy but I don't care. Since then, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and swore that I'll get myself a copy on the day  it's published. Too bad, local bookstores have no stock for this book. I was a little disappointed. So, I waited. After waiting for some time, I finally got it! It was a Sunday and I was so excited when I saw it! I chose the perfect copy and rushed to the cashier to pay for it!

Okay, enough about that. This book is published six months after the previous one, I Heart Vegas. So, I could remember pretty well what happened. Pretty cover aside, the story was amazing. Angela's like my twin. She's clumsy, well, I am very clumsy. I could totally relate to her! Since the day I read I Heart Paris, I was totally in love with this lovely English girl, Angela Clark. Reading her stories and her crazy adventures, I felt as if I went through all of those with her. In this book, I Heart London, Angela went home to London for her mother's birthday party. Of course, with Angela Clark, there's a surprise to everything. She has such an interesting yet unpredictable life, like sitting on a roller-coaster, lots of twists and turns before you touch the ground. With Jenny Lopez, Angela's new BFF and the sexy fiancé, Alex Reid in London, what would happen? Surprise, surprise! Read to find out more! But.. I can tell you, it's very interesting - a mix of Brits and Americans! Fab.

I've always wondered if I'd be as lucky as Angela. She has an amazing, lead singer of a band fiancé and best friends like Louisa and Jenny. Hey, what am I talking about? My best friends are fantastic too! I never thought that a relationship like Alex and Angela's would exist, Alex stood by Angela through everything and never gave up on her when she screwed things up. I really would want something like that, to be loved and cherished. Hopefully, someday, I'll find someone like him (not a lead singer but at the very least, makes me happy). The flow of this story was awesome, as always. I was so absorbed into Angela's world. I even brought this book to school during sports day just to finish it. I finished this book in quite a short time (not that short actually), 6 days. This book was humorous and enjoyable! Guaranteed awesomeness! It was quite a drug to me, I stayed up late to read it though I'd to attend school the next day! For some reasons, I don't like going to school.

Fans of I Heart series MUST get this book as it's the final book of the series! It's hard for me to bid Angela goodbye. I believe I'm not the only one that find it hard to do so. I'd definitely read this book again. In fact, every single book of the series. They're worth my time and money. It breaks my heart to think this is the final review I'm writing for this series. But wait.... I still have I Heart New York, I Heart Hollywood and I Heart Vegas to be reviewed! Stay tuned!

I Heart this series, I Heart the lovely author, Lindsey, I Heart Mr and Mrs Reid and every character in this series.

Team Angela all the way!

I Heart New York. I Heart Hollywood. I Heart Paris. I Heart Vegas. I Heart London.

This is a special review done on my birthday! Lindsey, I hope you will love this! xx


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