Book Review : Where The Light Gets In by Lucy Dillon

Title : Where The Light Gets In

Author : Lucy Dillon

Publication Date : 19 April 2018

Publisher : Transworld Publishers

Source : Review copy (Thank you!)

Overall : 5/5

Lorna’s come back to Longhampton to fulfill a dream she’s held all her life: she finally has the keys to an art gallery of her own. But it’s not exactly a fresh start. This is where her tight-knit family imploded in silent, resentful scandal. It’s where her secret, destructive fears about herself took root, and where she fell hopelessly in love for the first – and last – time. There are ghosts here, and some of them are still walking Longhampton’s streets.

But as Lorna – and Rudy, the fearful dachshund she’s inherited from the most courageous woman she’s ever met – tentatively open their cracked hearts to old flames and new allies, something surprisingly beautiful begins to grow around the gallery, something so inspirational even Lorna couldn’t have predicted the light it lets into her world.

And it all starts with an unexpected friendship that will change everyone’s lives forever…

Where do I start?! 

Lucy Dillon often writes books that resonates with people. They are beautiful, real and make you question if you have lived your live to your fullest. I have not read a book by Lucy that I did not like and her stories are here to stay.

Where The Light Gets In tells the story of Lorna, an art enthusiast, that returns to her childhood home, Longhampton to take over an art gallery. Her life evolved emotionally as her gallery gets livelier with family, friends and dogs. As the story unfolds, Lorna goes on a soul-searching journey that helps her face her fears and live life boldly. 

Before you pick this up thinking it would be another book on love and relationship, let me warn you that it is not but you will believe in love again. All sorts of love. This book covers everything I love reading about - art, family, friendship, women empowerment, love and DOGS! 

Lorna has great plans on living at the gallery peacefully with Rudy, a dachshund, probably with a hundred pieces of things that she could not live without. However, one small act of kindness opened up her life to millions of  possibilities on how her life would turn out to be and maybe that was all she ever wanted.

At first, her best friend,Tiffany needed a place to stay and Lorna took her in and it did not end there. Later on, Joyce, a local artist also asked Lorna if she could take her in and the three women's paths crossed to reveal beautiful art, friendship and never stop empowering each other and the community around them.

Lucy's writing style makes this book a comforting, undemanding read that you can reach for during a train ride or when you are on a vacation. She did a fabulous job at covering all the tough topics that could seem to offensive to be discussed to some and I particularly enjoyed the subtle women empowerment messages in between the lines. This book was such a good treat after a few hectic weeks of going through interviews! A massive shout out to Francesca for sending me a copy!

Before I leave you to get your own copy, I will drop my favourite line from the book - 

"Fear's good for you...shows you where your edges are."


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