Blog Tour : Mistletoe on 34th Street by Lisa Dickenson - Review

A massive thank you to Little Brown for inviting me (again) for another Lisa Dickenson blog tour! I really enjoy doing reviews for book tours because they are like virtual parties where everyone can get involved and enjoy! So yay to more future blog tours!

Title : Mistletoe on 34th Street

Author : Lisa Dickenson

Publication Date : 3 November 2016

Publisher : Sphere

Source : Sent by the publisher (THANKS!)


I think it is a well established fact that I am a huge fan of Lisa’s books. Her books are really as good as Taylor Swift’s chart-topping albums. Well, at least for me. She writes fabulous Christmas-themed books and her summer books are just as amazing. So when I found out that she’s working on a Book 4, I couldn’t hide my excitement and well, now that I have read it, here’s what I think. You know what, I would love to say a whole lot more about this book, but I'd rather because I don’t want to give too much away and all of you should totally read it. With all the out of the world, unexpected news affecting the world today, all of us could benefit a lot from this happy pill in book form. Thanks for bringing love to the world, Lisa. And before I rant on, here is what you need to know about the book.

Mistletoe on 34th Street follows the story of Olivia (Liv) who I would say, isn’t really a huge fan of Christmas and it’s just like any other day to her and more like a day to catch up on lost sleep and TV shows. So when her boss wants her to take over a conference in New York, she jumps at the chance because Christmas in New York is like an annual thing for her and what could possibly go wrong there, right? IT’S CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK. Then, there’s Jon, Liv’s friend who is determined to get her into the Christmas spirit and he really likes her. Jon and Liv, perfect right? For more drama, we have the charming New Yorker, Elijah. As Christmas is just around the corner, Liv finds herself caught in between two guys and who should she kiss under the mistletoe?

Mistletoe on 34th Street really got me into Christmas mood and everything seems to be just happening around me. Lisa’s writing transported me to New York and yep, it’s that real. This story is also very honest and original because I believe it is strongly from Lisa’s own experience - read this interview. The book is so good, such an amazing humour that lifts my exam, uni and the US Presidential election stress away and my eyes were so completely glued to this Christmassy treat for the past two days. I always love books about Christmas in London so I was quite worried that I might not enjoy it. On top of that, I always have expectations when it comes to Christmas stories and I guess London just got replaced with this one. Lisa has done a very excellent job here, bringing us on a tour through New York with her words and it was truly magical. The landmarks and places she picked are New York Christmas must-visits and I really want to hop on a plane to New York for Christmas.

I really enjoyed reading about Liv. She is all very Emma Watson in the making, loves her job at the organization that helps young girls to achieve their dreams and believe in themselves. I loved how Lisa’s channelling her love for Beyonce here (Who runs the world? Girls!). She addresses a very important message here that we should not miss, alongside the humour and festive setting. I really fell in love with this story from page one. Scratch that, from the cover. It’s so sparkly and the title has bronze lining! Everyone must read it! I will highly recommend everyone to read this in any time of the year, not just Christmas. This book is one of my favourite from Lisa, her books are all equally good so I can’t choose. It is so warm and light that you can’t help reaching for, like macaroons. Mistletoe on 34th Street is definitely better than your stress relieving chamomile lavender tea. Thanks for another Christmas gift, Lisa!

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